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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I switch race distances after I have signed up?

Yes, you can switch distances at packet pickup. There are no refunds. If you move up in distances, please be prepared to pay the price difference. Pick up your packet first and then go to the registration table where the timer will reassign your bib number.

Can an entry be transferred to someone else?

No transfers, sorry no exceptions.

Is my entry fee refundable?

Our policy is no refunds, no transfers to another individual or to another TCMA event, and no rollovers to the next year’s race. Sorry, no exceptions.

What if I sustain an injury or can't make it to event, what are my options?

Sorry, there are no refunds or rollovers for any reason. 

My training iis going better than expected, do I need to update my predicted finish time?

It is not necessary to update your predicted finish time, there are used to gauge the speed of the first and last runners.

Is there day of race registration?

Late registration will be available on packet pickup day as well as on race day (if the race is not sold out) online. If you register late, please let our packet pickup volunteers know and show them your registration confirmation so they can assign you a bib.

Day of race registration will end 15 min before the start of the event.

Is there a Military discount available?

Yes, there is a $5 discount for military personnel for our 15k, 30k, 50k, half marathons and marathons. You will see a checkbox on the registration page. You must show your Military ID at packet pick up.

Packet Pickup

Can I pick up someone else's race packet?

Yes, as long as you have permission from them to do so. Written permission is not required.

Can I pick up my race packet on race day?

Yes, you can but to avoid race day anxiety (and lines) we strongly suggest picking your number up at Packet Pickup prior to race day. Race day packet pickup will be available until 15 min before the start of the race. For race specific packet pickup times, please see the event page.

What's in my packet?

Your packet will contain a bib number with timing chip and goody bag with promotional offers and coupons from event sponsors and vendors. This bag can also be used as your gear check bag on race day.

Is there a gear check at the start?

Yes. Gear check will be available until 15 min before the start of the race. For point-to-point courses, gear bags will be transported to the finish line. You may claim your bag after you finish by providing your bib number 

Please tear your gear check tag off of your bib and attach to your gear check bag. Please do not put valuables in your bag. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

For race specific gear check times, please see the event page. 

Race Day / Course Support

Are the courses USATF certified?

  • St. Paddy’s Day 5K: WA12008MN
  • Tacoma City Marathon: WA22005RMB
  • Tacoma City Half Marathon: WA22004RMB
  • Independence Day 5K: WA21007RMB
  • Mud Mountain Dam Marathon: WA21012RMB
  • Mud Mountain Dam Half Marathon: WA21012RMB
  • Tacoma City Turkey Trot: WA14034MN

What is the distance of the marathon?

26.2 miles or 42.195 kilometers.

What is the distance of the half marathon?

13.1 miles or 21 kilometers.

How many miles is a 5K?

3.1 miles.

How many miles is the 50K?

Approx. 31.1 miles. 

Is the race Chip Timed?

Yes, Chip Start, Chip Finish. Your timing tag is attached to the back of your race bib. In order to receive a time your race bib must be worn on the outside of your top outer garment. Avoid bending your bib which may damage the timing tag. The timing tag is disposable so it does not need to be returned.

Will there be professional photographers on the course?

Yes, photos will be provided by CJ Photography with free digital downloads.

Will there be pacers?

Pacing is provided by the Marathon Maniac / Half Fanatic pacing team for our marathon and half marathon distances. 

For race specific pacing intervals, please see the event page.

How often will shuttle buses leave from their pickup locations?

For point-to-point courses that have shuttles, buses will run continuously. They will arrive in the time it takes to make a round trip (this will depend on the race). We don’t recommend that you wait to take the last bus. 

For race specific shuttle times, please see event page.

Are there porta-potties at the start?


Are there porta-potties on the course?

Yes, at all the aid stations (about every two miles). For race specific aid station locations and details please see the event page.

Do I need to carry water?

It’s up to you if you’d like to carry a water bottle. All of our marathon and half marathon races will be supported by on course aid stations that will have water, electrolytes and basic first aid. 

For the Defiance 50K, 30K, and 15K, we recommend you carry one bottle. There will be water, Nuun electrolyte and nutrition at the aid station at the Start / Finish and at Ft. Nisqually. 

Will there be energy gel and/or electrolytes on the course?

Yes, Honey Stinger energy gels & Nuun Electrolyte will be on the course.

What is the average temperature for April in the Tacoma area?

46 low – 64 high.

(Mud Mountain Half Marathon & Tacoma City Marathon)

What is the weather like in October in the Tacoma area?

It will be cold at the start but typically dry in mid-October. Be prepared for anything, this is the Pacific Northwest… 

(Mud Mountain Dam Marathon & Defiance 50K)

Can I track a runner?

We don’t have a tracking system for the race, but if your runner has a smart watch with tracking, they can share that information with friends and family. If your they plan to run with a phone, you can use Strava Beacon or a similar app to live track. 
Course Cutoffs

Can I walk the 5K distance?


Can I walk the half marathon/marathon distance?

The following are our cutoff times/paces: 

Half Marathon – 4 Hours (18:18 mi/min)*
Marathon – 6 Hours (13:45 mi/min)
Early Start Marathon – 7 Hours (16:00 mi/min)

*With the exception of the St. Paddy’s Day Half, which has a 3-hour cutoff (13:45 mi/min).

If the police don’t think you can make it in the allotted time you may be moved to the sidewalk, the finish line will remain until you finish.

Can I start the marathon 1 hour early?

Yes, there is an early start provided for those needing more than 6 hours to complete the marathon distance races. Early starters finishing the marathon under 5 hours will be disqualified and not given a finish time. You must need the extra time to start early. Early starters must be self-supported, know the route, and obey all traffic/pedestrian laws until officers and volunteers are on the course. You are on your own until officers and volunteers arrive on the course.

When you arrive on race morning, please let the timer know you would like to start early.

Is there an early start for the Defiance 50K?

For this race, there is no early start available.

General Race Rules

Are strollers allowed?

Yes, in the 5K & Half Marathon.

Are dogs allowed?

Sorry, due to liability and insurance reasons, four-legged friends aren’t allowed to run our events.

Can I wear headphones during the race?

Use of personal music devices/headphones is discouraged for the safety and benefit of all participants. If you choose to wear them, please be safe and don’t turn them up so loud that you can’t hear volunteers or police. We recommend leaving one earbud out. Be safe out there!

Is there an age limit for the kids runs?

There is no age limit for the 5k race as long as your child is able to complete the distance on their own or in a stroller. For the 1K Kids Run we recommend the race for kids 12 and under. Grown-ups can run with their children and do not need to register for the 1K.

What happens if I'm unable to complete the race or if I go off course?

Failure to complete the course in its entirety will result in disqualification and removal from the official results.

Our courses are marked by chalk arrows and signage where possible, and we have many volunteers out on the course to help you find your way. We provide links to interactive maps for each of our events and distances, which can be found on the event page. Leading up to the race, we also send out a series of course snap shots that highlight different sections of the course and give you an in-depth preview of what to expect on race day, please keep an eye out for these emails.

We recommend not wearing headphones. If you choose to wear them, please be safe and don’t turn them up so loud that you can’t hear volunteers or police. We recommend leaving one earbud out. 

Awards & Results

Do you get a finisher medal?

Yes! Everyone who finishes will receive a medal.

Can I pick up my award after the race?

Yes! After you have finished your race, check the results computers and get your print out. If your results are not yet posted please check back again in 10-15 minutes as they are updated often. If you are in the top 5 in your age group, proceed to the awards table to claim your ribbon.

There's an error in my results, what should I do?

If you have just finished and your results are not showing as posted yet, please check back again in 10-15 minutes as they are updated often.

If you need to submit a correction request, go to the results page and you’ll see a corrections request button. Please request from there and it will go to the timer. 

Are we missing something? Please let us know and we will gladly make the addition.